puriFlash 5.250

small but limitless

Product Description

Experience the unique performance in all circumstances.
The puriFlash® 5.250 adapts to all the requirements of routine purification, complex mixtures, separation of impurities for later detection, trace enrichment, etc.


The PF-5.250 purification system will become an indispensable ally in your laboratory. It has been thought through in great detail in order to meet all your needs, and the only question you will ask yourself during its operation, is how you have managed without it for so long.
It is ready to start multiple purifications in normal or reverse phase, flash chromatography or preparative HPLC at any time. Ask of it whatever you like because it has the ability to do it all with its 250 bar and 250 mL/min – from routine purification to complex purification.


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