Yair Technologies was founded at the beginning of 2010 by 2 partners.
Mr. Yair Almog – CEO and Mr. Yair Shachar – CTO.
Both had a lot of experience in the field of Chemical and Biological industry in Israel.
Yair Technologies was bullied with a vision of servicing the customers (Pharma,
Biotechnologies, Biopharma, Chemicals and Academy in Israel) in a different way than
others. The approach was to be partners with the customers and to assist them in any way
we can in their way to be or becoming a successful company each in her field.
The quick respond for information, knowledge and quick supply of high level products was
and still is the main way in Yair technologies to serve our customer’s needs.
Also, our workers are meaningful to us and we believe that making a good work environment
makes the workers and their families more devoted to the success of the company. That is
why we provide the workers as much space as we can in their working hours, in their place of
working and opportunity to bring their children to work when necessary.

Yair technologies have 5 separate business fields:
• Systems such as HPLC, Maldi Toff, Mass spectrometer and cetera
• Accessories such as columns, filters and cetera
• Technology information and knowledge
• Technical services
• Laboratory safety

Yair Technologies main suppliers are:
• Western Fluids
• Thomson Instrument
• Bruker Daltonics
• Camag
• Brookhaven
• Protein Simple
• Pion
• Interchim
• Thomas scientific
• Chromsword
• MS Noise • CP Lab safety
• Cosmosil
• Sepax