Xenius – 96 fluorescence spectrophotometer

2-Monochromators spectrofluorometer reader for microplates SAFAS Xenius XM: an exceptional sensitivity, multivalence, and evolutivity

Product Description

SAFAS XM is a microplate reader spectrofluorometer with very high sensitivity, thanks to its 100% AIR technology (NO FIBER OPTICS!) and superb optics. It is also able to receive optionally 10 stirred and temperature controlled cuvettes; evolutive, it can be fitted later with automatic polarizers for fluorescence anisotropy, fiber optics for external measurements, bioluminescence, automatic injectors, absorbance (on cuvettes and microplates), etc.



SAFAS XENIUS XM : Exceptional performances and sensitivity on microplates

The SAFAS Xenius XM is an outstanding spectrofluorometer for microplates reading. It is based on highly innovative technologies and superb optics, as well as 100% AIR TECHNOLOGY (no fiber optics!), so as it enables to reach exceptional sensitivity levels.

For most of applications, it is even able to work with sample compartment opened, without undergoing the drawbacks of a flash lamp.

With a scan speed up to 7000nm/minute, it can achieve excitation, emission, synchronous and 3D spectra, with many data processing functions.

In 1959, SAFAS introduced the world’s first Spectrofluorometer with grating monochromators, which was a big breakthrough in spectroscopy. Today, the Xenius is a new breakthrough, probably as important as was our 1959’s instrument.



Many options are available

SAFAS Xenius XM can also receive 10 stirred and temperature-controlled cuvettes, achieve kinetics on 10 cuvettes and at up to 10 wavelengths, achieve HPLC studies, or even be fitted with automatic polarizers for measurements of fluorescence anisotropy. It can also achieve Absorbance and Luminescence measurements, including spectra, and severa specialized software can be used (intracellular calcium, follow-up of series of samples, etc.).

An evolutivity and multivalence unique on the market

The spectrofluorometer SAFAS Xenius XM can also receive later many other options, like fiber optics, a high sensitivity photon counting bioluminescence module, automatic injectors, absorbance mode (on cuvettes and microplates), etc… All these possibilities are available without any dismantling.



Exceptionally powerful software

Last but not least, the software are intensively developed by SAFAS since 1988, when SAFAS introduced the world’s first PC controlled spectrophotometer, button free.

Since then, all our customers have profited by our policy of free software update for instrument’s life, making their investment a very long term one and avoiding obsolescence of their equipment.

Among many possibilities, our multiwavelength module for series of samples, our intracellular ions module, and our 3D spectra module are among the most impressive.

-most of the possibilities described hereunder are optional: please ask us
-for software updates, a participation to CD and shipment is requested



Patented device for spectrofluorescence measurements in perifusion on living cellulas, fixed or grown-up on quartz or glass lamellas, in controlled medium (t°, pCO2, pO2) in microvolumes


Developed in partnership with the laboratory INRA / UNSA UMR Rose of Nice (France), this technology particulary enables to achieve accurate and reproducible measurements of kinetics of intracellular parameters (for example pHi) due to successive modifications of the extracellular media (pO2, pCO2, pH, etc…) at controlled temperature.

The SAFAS Xenius also enables to achieve a fast multiwavelength measurement of fluorescence, for example for intracellular Calcium, as well as to enter all calculation formulas and directly get on your screen all your curves in real time.

This solution is also a very good substitute to the usual techniques requiring a reversed microscope with filter turret, or a confocal microscope.

Many applications are possible, particularly in the fields of Cellular Physiology, in Pharmacology, in Toxicology and Ecotoxicology, as well as in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Veterinary labs.

Obviously, this patented device is compatible with all the other options of the Xenius, and does not require a tedious mounting or dismantling of accessories; it can easily and quickly be inserted, and all the other applications remain available at any moment: measurements on 10 cuvettes, on microplates, in situ by fiber optics, measurements of bioluminescence, absorbance, fluorescence and phosphorescence, as well as BRET, FRET and anisotropy with polarizers, etc.



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